Whether you want an old fashion fence that screams keep out or you desire a more stylistic look and feel, either way Best Choice Landscape will meet and exceed your needs.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, which includes helping our customers with planning, permits, and material selection.  Whatever type of fence you imagine, Best Choice Landscape can make a reality.

Popular types of fences include:

  • Wood: Blend the natural look and feel of wood with the reliability of mother nature.  When properly maintained, wood fences endure the harshest winters and enjoy a long lifespan.
  • Brick: Let them huff and puff, this fence is going nowhere.  Brick fences allow increased security and successfully block noise from busy streets. They also allow for high creativity in their design.
  • PVC-Vinyl: The fastest growing product in the fencing industry.  Vinyl is known for its reliability and strength.  It has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times the flexibility.
  • Chain Link: Known for their versatility, chain link fences can be constructed in a varity of heights and can be topped with barbed or razor wire for commercial and industrial premises.  Chain link fences provide an economical, safe, fencing solution.

There are regulations that homeowners must be aware of. In the Milwaukee area, the individual city governments regulate the fencing rules and regulations.  We make sure that the fences we are going to install are in line with the regulations set by the city.