Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Accent and Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Lighting

Create a cozy and inviting look with beautiful outdoor lighting. Consider the style and surprising benefits of incorporating lighting into your exterior design.
Our team will help your outdoor lighting style ideas come to life!

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Illuminate Your Landscape

Best Choice Landscape will help you create a relaxing, cozy and classy atmosphere by accenting your yard with landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting elevates your landscape design by adding stylish elegance to your space.

Our lighting professionals will help you choose from numerous available lighting options—and we’ll even take care of the installation. We use quality, long-lasting LED lights to save energy and money. We offer two major brands of outdoor lighting: Kitchler and FX Luminaire.

Our landscape lighting is low-voltage and efficient. All our outdoor lighting options come with a fixture warranty for peace of mind! Our outdoor lighting is even programmable, so you can set timers to change with the seasons. A well-lit yard adds beauty, convenience, safety and protection.

Outdoor Lighting Options

We offer three major landscape lighting options for you to incorporate into your home’s design.

Built Into Hardscapes
Build your lighting right into your sturdy outdoor hardscapes! We can install lighting into pillars, caps and other decorative elements to illuminate and draw attention to your hardscapes.

Light Your Home
Show off your beautiful home! We can install uplights to highlight your house, trees, or any other in-ground features.

Pathway Lighting
Make your pathways more visible! We’ll install lighting on your pathways and into the ground. Well-lit pathways add beauty as well as safety.

Outdoor Design Trends in Lighting

Landscape lighting is becoming a popular outdoor design trend! There are many lighting ideas you can choose from to perfectly accent your outdoor landscaping. We share a few ideas below, but if you have a style idea you’d like to explore, please call us at 414-897-7922 to set up your outdoor lighting consultation.

Resort-Like Garden
Create a romantic mood with beautifully designed dim lights. We can use a combination of pathway lighting and built-in lighting to create this look, producing stunning effects when spotted with light.

Here we use LED lighting to illuminate your walkways and patio area. We can also illuminate trees and pillars to create a modern look.

Outdoor Living Room
Create the feel of an outdoor living room through carefully placed outdoor lighting in your outdoor cooking area and grill. We can even light areas around the patio to complete the outdoor living room look.

Highlight Features
Do you have a statue, water feature or outdoor art piece you want to highlight? We can create a lighting style to light up your yard and help draw the eye to your feature.

Surprising Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There are a few surprising benefits of landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting not only illuminates and highlights the beauty of your property but also provides safety as well. Lighting is a functional, yet beautiful way to extend your home’s style.

By illuminating your front and backyard, you’ll deter crime and alleviate security concerns. A well-lit yard offers protection.

Extended Style
Landscape lighting is an extension of your home’s style. Your lighting can play into your design and show off features of your architecture you want to highlight.

Improved Functionality
Enjoy your outdoor living room into the night! By illuminating your outdoor living room, you’re more likely to use and enjoy the space even after the sun goes down.

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