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Drainage, Grading & Excavation

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Our experienced team will develop and implement the correct drainage process for your property. Please contact our friendly team today. We handle the entire project from start to finish, to ensure proper grading and excavation for water drainage.

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Drainage, Grading & Excavation

Improper grading and drainage cause erosion, flooding and property damage. As you know, Milwaukee can suddenly receive several inches of rain any time of year. We also experience other severe weather, causing water to back up, collect and pool on your residential or commercial property.

Best Choice Landscape offers professional grading, drainage and excavating services for residential and commercial lots. Our team works hard to ensure your entire project is as stress-free as possible.

What is Grading and Excavating?

Grading and excavating are two components of the drainage improvement process. Learn more about what they are, and why grading and excavating are important.


Grading is the process of reshaping the land to create a better topography. Construction builders, land surveyors and engineers employ land grading to prevent natural mishaps like soil erosion, sedimentation, as well as surface runoff.


Excavating is the process of digging out and removing dirt and rocks from the ground. Drainage systems allow water to flow to the right area and away from the property. Excavating is often messy, but our professional team will make this process painless! We handle every step: planning, digging, dirt removal, and finally adding topsoil and grass seed when complete. After the grass grows in, the work is undetectable.

French Drain

One of our more popular drain styles is a French drain. The French drain goes by other names such as trench drain, filter drain, and land drain.

The French drain consists of a trench around the property, filled with gravel (or a perforated pipe) and then re-covered. This creates a new path for surface water such as rain and snow runoff to go. If water pools in your backyard, a French drain will direct the drainage to different areas of the property, away from the yard.

Here are three videos from our crew to help explain French drains and how we create them.

Drainage, Grading & Excavating Design Planning Process

To ensure the drainage system is effective against flooding, there are important factors to consider during planning. Our experienced team will help you during every step of the way.

Step 1: Initial Consultation
After you contact us about the project, we ask you a few questions and explain the design process. We then send our team to your home to survey the space, take measurements, and share any ideas.

Step 2: Research and Planning
During the planning portion, Best Choice Landscape will create a drainage, grading, and excavating plan based on our expertise. We listen to your preferences and walk you through the entire plan.

Step 3: Landscape Design Blueprint
We create a hand-drawn rendering of the landscape design for you to review and ask any questions. Our team will also create a 3D CAD design rendering, so you can fully visualize the final plan and what it will look like.

Step 4: Finalize Design and Start
Once we’ve received your approval, we start the creation and implementation! Best Choice Design handles every step. You get to sit back and relax, knowing water will properly drain away from your property.

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