Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Strong, Healthy Trees and Shrubs in Southeast Wisconsin

The team at Best Choice Landscaping has plenty of experience with proper fertilization techniques. We’ve helped many homeowners and business owners grow healthy, strong trees and shrubs! Our team will handle each step of the fertilization process from choosing the correct fertilizer mix, to proper application.

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Tree Fertilization

Trees grow perfectly tall in nature, so why would you consider tree fertilization? In the wild, trees get their nutrients from sunlight, water, and natural fertilization from organic material: dead leaves, fallen branches, and matter left behind by plants and animals.

In backyards and commercial yardscapes, homeowners and business owners often remove those sources of organic matter, leaving trees hungry for key nutrients. Proper fertilization helps trees grow and thrive. Fertilization doesn’t mean using chemicals. In fact, fertilization is part of a holistic approach to feed trees nutrients they need!

3 Signs You Might Need Fertilization

Not sure if you need to fertilize your trees? Look for these common signs your trees are lacking key nutrients. If you still aren’t sure, please call our friendly team. We’re happy to assess your tree fertilization needs.

1. Dead Branches

Does your tree have dead branches or dead branch tips? This is often a sign of illness or a lack of nutrients.

2. Color of Leaves

Leaves are typically dark green. If you notice your tree’s leaves are different colors like purple or yellow, it may be lacking in proper nutrients.

3. Size and Shape of Leaves

Do your leaves seem smaller than normal or are fewer in number than years past? The number of leaves is a strong indication of the tree’s overall health.

Fertilization Do’s and Don’ts

There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to fertilizing. Before you grab a bag from your local home improvement store and start spreading, it’s important to understand the proper fertilization process.


Test the Soil

Always test the soil to ensure you choose the right fertilizer for your yard. If your soil is very acidic, or high in certain minerals, you may need a specific type of fertilizer.

Choose the Right Method

There are several different methods of fertilization application. It’s very important to the correct method for your yard.

Properly Diagnose Any Issues

Diagnose illness and assess disease prevention needs your trees may have before choosing a fertilizer.


Fertilize New Trees

Never fertilize a newly planted tree. Right after it’s planted, vulnerable roots are working to establish and take in nutrients.


Be very careful not to over-fertilize! This can cause major issues and even damage your tree.

Fertilize Mature Trees

You may not need to fertilize that 75-year-old oak in your yard! Trees with thick, healthy and established roots are often getting enough nutrition from the soil.

Shrub Fertilization

Similar to trees, wild shrubbery is typically fertilized by organic matter. When planted in our backyards and on commercial properties, shrubs require key nutrients like nitrogen to help them grow strong and lush.

In Southeastern Wisconsin, it’s important to apply fertilizer to shrubs in early spring: April or May or late fall in October. Shrubs experience a major growth period during early summer months. Applying fertilizer in June or July may actually hurt growth.

Shrubs mulched with wood chips may require additional fertilization. Wood mulch is high in carbon but low in nitrogen. Best Choice Landscaping knows fertilizer and understands the needs of your plants. We offer mulching services as well and we’ll help you select the right combination for your yard.

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