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Best Choice Landscape is the top provider of residential and commercial landscape services in West Allis, Wisconsin. We help residents and businesses build and maintain their lawn, handle snow removal (commercial only), and much more.

Check out our landscape services for residents and businesses in West Allis and learn more about why Best Choice Landscape loves West Allis.

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City of West Allis Landscape Services

The community of West Allis is a great place to work and a great place to live. We’ve helped many West Allis area homeowners as well as commercial property owners and managers improve and maintain their yards and property landscaping. The Best Choice Landscape team can handle all yard maintenance projects like spring and fall cleanup, snow removal, patio and walkway design, and lawn mowing services.

Spring and Fall Yard, Lawn and Property Cleanup

If you dread spring and fall landscaping cleanup, please give us a call for a friendly estimate! We’ll take the hard work off your plate while creating your perfect lawn.

Spring Cleanup Checklist:

  • Remove litter
  • Rake thatch buildup and leaves
  • Trim and discard dead leaves and stalks on perennials

Fall Cleanup Checklist:

  • Rake and remove leaves
  • Trim trees and shrub branches
  • Fertilize the lawn

Commercial Snow Removal

Our team can safely and quickly remove all the snow that winter brings. Seeing as West Allis is so close to Milwaukee, we understand how important it is to clear the roads, parking lots, driveways and walkways of snow as quickly as possible. Our team can handle any type of West Allis commercial snow removal.

Our professional team uses only proper salting techniques to save you money!

Patio & Walkway Design

Is your West Allis backyard an eyesore or do you dream of enhancing your concrete patio into an outdoor living room where you can entertain, play, cook, and relax? Bring us your wants and needs and our expert design team will create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Our patios and walkways become an outdoor living room where clients love to spend time with family and friends. Let us help you create your perfect space!

Lawn Mowing & Fertilizing Services

Our experienced team can expertly mow and fertilize your property to keep your West Allis lawn lush and healthy. We can help you grow the lawn of your dreams. We offer a variety of different treatment options from one-time broadleaf weed application to a full season lawn care program.

We will create a custom lawn treatment program to provide you with the best lawn possible. We also offer mosquito control options to keep your yard pest-free!

Mosquito Control

Are you having an outdoor party or event? Mosquitos are not on the guest list! Consider mosquito spraying services to help make your party a success.

Guests will enjoy your yard without swatting at mosquitoes. We do require at least a week notice if you’d like to book this service. Please call 414-897-7922 to book mosquito control services.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is important for maintaining a healthy lawn. When your soil becomes compacted, it reduces the ability for your grass roots to grow. With a poor root structure you often develop many other problems in your lawn, especially during times of stress. Our team of professionals is ready to aerate your lawn.

What Makes West Allis Unique

West Allis offers everything a city dweller or neighborhood lover would need or want. The City of Milwaukee is very close by but West Allis is its own unique blend of city offerings and small town feel. We’ve rounded up our favorite things to do or see in West Allis.

Hank Aaron State Trail

The Hank Aaron State Trail spans for 15 miles across Milwaukee County. Between spectacular views of Milwaukee, pretty bridges, and accessibility, this trail is one of our favorites. Passing through West Allis, you’ll see two parks: the Kopperud and McKinley which are two favorites of West Allis residents.

Milwaukee County Zoo

The Milwaukee County Zoo is only a few minutes from downtown West Allis. Milwaukee County is lucky to have such a great local zoo for residents to enjoy. The zoo offers various free admission days throughout the year and lots of fun events.

Miller Park

Miller Park was constructed in 2001 and is the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Fans love to come before games and tailgate in the parking lots. You’ll find fans grilling, playing bags, enjoying beer, and getting ready to cheer for the Brew Crew. Miller Park is located just outside of West Allis.

West Allis Farmers Market

The West Allis Farmers Market is a local favorite! Vendors come for all over to sell produce, local goods, meat, maple syrups, flowers, and more! The market runs every Saturday through the summer starting the first Saturday of May. The West Allis Farmers Market is located at 6501 W. National Ave, West Allis, WI 53214.

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