Tree & Shrub Trimming

Trust the Experts to Maintain Your Trees & Shrubs

Help your trees and shrubs grow healthy and strong with professional trimming and maintenance. In Wisconsin, it’s recommended that hedges are trimmed at least twice a year. Our team has experience trimming trees and shrubs of all shapes and sizes.

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Professional Tree Trimming

Whether you need residential tree trimming or commercial tree trimming, Best Choice Landscaping is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle all your tree trimming needs. Your trees will stay healthy and stand tall for many more years to come. Our team of professionals can handle any type and size of tree.

Tree trimming must be handled with professional care. If done incorrectly, pruning will hurt the overall health of the tree. Safety is also an important factor when it comes to cutting a large tree. Falling branches may cause damage to people and property.

It’s challenging to gauge the size, weight, and lean of large, dead tree branches. Without an expert eye, it’s easy to misjudge and accidentally send a branch falling in the wrong direction.

Importance of Tree Trimming

Besides safety to people and property, proper tree trimming improves the long-term health of your tree. Trimming keeps the tree balanced and improves circulation. Removing dead branches keeps the trees growing strong!

Haven’t trimmed your trees in a while? Call our friendly staff and we’ll help you assess your tree-trimming needs.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges serve many purposes on a property. Hedges create a beautiful natural fence that secures your privacy and at the same time, enhances the beauty of your garden. However, it is important to trim hedges properly to ensure healthy growth.

In southeastern Wisconsin, trimming should take place twice a year. Spring hedge trimming removes dead leaves and branches from the winter season. The second round of hedge trimming comes in summertime when hedges reach their maximum growth.

In late summer, shrubs and hedges slow their growth, because they’re preparing for the winter—saving nutrients and moisture. This means it’s the perfect time to reshape them!

Benefits to Shrub and Hedge Trimming
Besides looking beautiful and adding to curb appeal, there are hidden benefits to proper shrub and hedge trimming!

1) Health

Removing dead or dying branches helps the plant grow stronger and reduces the spread of plant disease. Trimming also clears the way for smaller plants near the hedge to grow strong.

2) Improve Flowering

Regular trimming and maintenance helps plants flower and grow lush. We’ve seen a lilac bush come alive with a second round of buds after trimming!

3) Disease Prevention

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize their plants are diseased until it’s far progressed. Regular maintenance by a professional team will identify and prevent diseases from attacking your yard. Our team will spot issues early on and assist with treatment.

Hedge Trimming Art

At Best Choice Landscape, we consider hedge trimming an art form. How would you like your hedges or shrubs to look? We are staffed with highly-trained and artistic personnel who can create amazing designs with hedges and shrubs. We’d love to help you achieve a perfect look.

We also clean the site after trimming. Your only job is to enjoy the new look of your lawn. Let Best Choice Landscaping handle your next hedge trimming project!

Tree and Shrub Services Myth Busted

It’s a myth professional trimming services are only needed by homeowners with large yards and trees. Any homeowner with trees and shrubs should consider hiring a professional team for the best results. Trimming takes hours of work and only an expert will ensure the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs. Save yourself the hassle and call the best!

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