Retail & Medical

The landscaping on your retail property is something you can’t afford to neglect. It is the first thing your prospective customers will see, and while it may not be a deal breaker, it can make the difference between one-time visits and repeat clients who enjoy spending time on your premises. With a well-designed and maintained outdoor area, you can attract shoppers and increase sales.

Best Choice Landscape has designed and built award-winning landscapes for several retail locations in the Milwaukee area.


While the interior and equipment at your gym is entirely up to you, we can help you by designing and building an inviting exterior that will make gym-goers prefer your establishment without quite knowing why. 


Extend your reach and let the experience start before patrons even step through the door. Let us upgrade your surroundings to match the atmosphere and branding of your restaurant. Tell a visual story of what you’re all about and prime them for the experience.

Medical facilities

Exuding calm professionalism is soothing for patients, so why not receive them in an environment that looks inviting and builds trust from the start? Use quality landscaping features to show the level of care and safety your patients will enjoy.

Assisted & senior living

First impressions are of paramount importance for assisted living & senior homes. You want to show the right image to relatives of prospective residents, and that image starts with the first glance at your outdoor areas. 

Strip malls

Infuse your property with soul and watch customers hang out and spend money because they enjoy the atmosphere. Our landscape design experts know what it takes to bring people together in a pleasant public environment, and they are ready to give your mall that competitive edge.

Our services

Best Choice Landscape is an award-winning landscaping company with decades of experience in the Milwaukee area. Whether your business is only starting out, needing a makeover, or looking for a partner for consistent maintenance, we are happy to serve you.

Regular maintenance plans

Everything your beautiful landscaping needs to stay in optimal shape throughout the year. We provide a comprehensive package according to your needs, including:

  • weekly maintenance
  • fertilization
  • spring cleanup
  • weed control
  • fall cleanup
  • shrub maintenance

Regardless of who built your outdoor areas originally, we believe we can make them better. Get in touch for a quote!

Landscape design

Custom landscapes to match any retail business, big or small. Our experienced team can completely transform your outdoor surroundings with walkways, patios, water features, retaining walls, and more, with the specificities of the site and your ideas in mind. Contact us for a quote!

Landscape construction

Once you are completely happy with the design, our construction team will spring into action and build the entire landscape to the highest quality standards.