Tree and Shrub Planting Services

Create Your Dream Tree and Shrub Landscape

Work with the trusted team at Best Choice Landscaping! We partner with local nurseries to bring you the healthiest trees and shrubs.
Our design consultation process will ensure you get the right plants for your home or business.

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Tree and Shrub Planting Services

Looking to add beautiful trees or shrubs to your landscape? We work with the best tree farms and nurseries in the Milwaukee area. We’re equipped and ready to meet your needs.

Whether you’re building your dream home or revamping your commercial property, our team will handle the entire process. After choosing your trees and shrubs, our team takes care of it. All you need to do is enjoy your newly planted yard.

Everyone dreams of a beautiful yard full of amazing shrubs, plants, and trees. These plants aren’t only beautiful to look at; they help maintain a healthy ecosystem. Proper planting of trees and shrubs ensures their successful growth.

DIY Tree and Shrub Planting

Sure, your local home improvement store has an entire nursery area dedicated to trees and shrubs for your home. But are you sure you know which ones will thrive on your property?

Yard Plant Considerations

There are several considerations before choosing a plant to grow in your yard:

  • Shade – Some plants require more sun than others! Depending on the orientation of your yard, the hours of sunlight and shade, you may burn delicate shade plants. Plants requiring dry, direct sun may fail to thrive in shady areas.
  • Type of Soil – The soil type in your yard will greatly affect the health of your trees! Soil assessment and even need testing is often needed before selecting the right plants for an area.
  • Acidity of Soil – The acidity of your soil will determine what types of shrubs and trees will grow well in your yard. Many factors contribute to the acidity in your soil and adjustments are often required before planting.
  • Distance from Home or Commercial Buildings – If you’re planting trees, placement is a huge consideration. Watch for digging restrictions and consider the tree’s proximity to your home or commercial property’s buildings. While your tress may be small now, as they grow larger, roots and branches will present concerns.
  • Distance from Other Plants – You don’t want to plant shrubs too close together or too close to other key plants. The shade, soil nutrients and water access are all affected by shrubs and trees.

Initial Tree and Shrub Design Consultation

Our team will help with your entire landscape design plan from start to finish. We’ll assist you with choosing the right trees and shrubs for your home or business to ensure they fit your property and design wants. Then, our team will professionally install your trees and shrubs—from beginning to end. We handle it all—including cleanup!

Best Choice Landscape offers professional tree and shrub planting. We have access to the best farms and nurseries in the Milwaukee area and we’ll help you achieve your dream yardscape. Best Choice is a trusted service provider in landscaping and lawn care. We manage hundreds of beautifully landscaped commercial and residential properties in Southwestern Wisconsin.

Tree and Shrub Education and Maintenance

After we plant your trees and shrubs, our team will explain exactly how to properly take care of your new trees and shrubs. We’re happy to answer any questions about your new plants.

We’ll also give you tips on maintaining, trimming and pruning your trees and shrubs.

Prefer full-service professional yard care? Our team offers tree and shrub trimming and maintenance plans—whether commercial or residential. We’ll work with you to keep your yard beautiful year-round.

Service Area
Proudly Serving: Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Southern Ozaukee County, and Northern Racine County.

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