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Mulch is a yard essential! It provides nutrients, protection, temperature regulation and more. Trust the experts with years of experience. We take care of your mulch installation, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful yard!

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Expert Mulch Installation

Mulch helps your yard look great. But, besides looking nice, mulch is a multi-purpose yard product that also keeps your property healthy. The Best Choice Landscaping team are your trusted mulch experts!

There are many reasons why mulch is important for your garden. A layer of mulch will protect plants (especially the younger ones) from harmful factors that may affect their growth.

During summer seasons, mulch holds moisture in the soil, so plants retain enough water. During winter, mulch acts like a blanket—protecting the roots from frost that can kill or severely affect plant growth. Mulching also helps keep weeds and unwanted grasses away.

Why You Should Mulch Your Yard

Mulch Retains Water
The mulch holds excess water and slowly releases it over time. This creates a slow-paced watering system to avoid saturating the soil underneath.

Mulch Acts as a Natural Weed Barrier
When you mulch areas of exposed soil around a tree or around shrubs and bushes, it creates a natural shield, protecting the soil from weed growth.

Mulch Protects Plants from Cold
In the fall and spring, mulch protects the ground from frost. Mulching around tree saplings or bushes will keep them from freezing—frost damage or even death.

Mulch Prevents Erosion
Mulch locks soil in place, which is especially important in high traffic areas. Mulch around your patio and garden to keep the soil from eroding or becoming packed.

Mulch Regulates Soil Temperature
Mulch reduces plant stress by regulating the temperature of the soil. This keeps plants cool during hot summer months and warm during the cooler spring and fall.

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Planting Trees? Plan on Mulching

Are you planning on planting trees this spring? We highly recommend you mulch around your tree saplings. Mulching will protect the tree from weeds, fluctuating temperatures, and soil erosion.

Mulching around young trees will also protect them from lawnmower damage. By removing grass immediately around the tree and replacing with mulch, there’s no risk of hitting trees with the mower.

Should You DIY Mulch?

You could head to your local garden store and buy a couple bags of mulch. Are you truly sure you selected the correct mulch for your landscaping? Do you select mulch based on color or composition?

The expert team at Best Choice Landscaping has many years of experience choosing and installing the correct mulch for the best results. Through our trusted suppliers, we offer different colors, substrates and styles to compliment and care for your yard.

Our team offers spring cleanup services, lawn mowing services, as well as entire lawn maintenance plans to ensure your yard is always vibrant.

Mulch Style and Colors

We work with nearby distributors to provide mulches in a variety of styles, substrates and colors. We’ll help you choose the best mulch for your property and even find the right mulch color to compliment your home or commercial property!

The most popular mulches we offer:

  • Hemlock
  • Double shredded red oak
  • Color mulch
  • Playground chips
  • And more

Whether you need a couple of bushels or a mulch installation plan, Best Choice Landscaping is ready to handle any sized project. Call our team today for your initial consultation. We’re happy to answer any questions about mulch installation or any of our other services.

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