Condos & HOAs

Keeping the outdoor area neat around your condo building or in the neighborhood managed by your HOA is important for several reasons. 

  • An organized look increases curb appeal and commands higher prices when selling or renting properties. 
  • Well-designed outdoor areas improve the wellbeing of residents by creating a tidy, serene and private atmosphere. 
  • Regular maintenance means less safety concerns from accumulated snow, broken branches, or allergy-inducing weeds.

At Best Choice Landscape, we are well aware of the specific challenges of managing condos and HOAs in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. We know you have many aspects to take care of, and we would gladly take the burden of landscaping and maintenance off your shoulders.

We provide full service from the design and installation of landscaping elements to the regular maintenance of residential outdoor areas.

Landscape maintenance

Once the landscape is complete, it needs to be regularly maintained, in line with the changing seasons and the natural lifecycle of plants. We offer comprehensive maintenance packages, designed to keep your property in its best shape, all the year round. 

Spring cleanup

After the winter season, outdoor areas need a thorough cleanup, so the grass and plants waking up can grow and thrive optimally. During spring cleanup, our maintenance crew removes leaves, branches, sticks, and debris from all areas, and prunes perennials and shrubs in preparation for summer.

Weed control

The struggle against weeds in any yard or outdoor area is an ongoing problem for homeowners and property managers alike. Our proven method includes bi-weekly application of weed control products, so the beds and lawns look their best. 

Weekly maintenance

Consistency in maintaining a lawn is key. We help you keep your lawn neat and tidy by weekly mowing. This service includes cleaning the paved surfaces from grass debris, so your entire property looks organized.

Shrub maintenance

Shrubs require regular trimming to look healthy and appealing. Our team will cut them to a uniform size, so they bring out the best features on your property.

Grass fertilization

We apply a combination of fertilization and weed control products so that the grass is greener on your side!

Fall cleanup

Our crew does a thorough cleanup of your property and removes fallen leaves, branches, and debris from all manicured areas of your outdoor area or the neighborhood managed by your HOA, so nothing can damage your lawns during the winter months. 

Milwaukee area condo & HOA managers choose us because of our decades of experience managing commercial landscaping, as well as our unrelenting commitment to outstanding customer service.