Spring and Fall Cleanup Services

Let Us Prep Your Yard During Spring and Fall Cleanup

We’ll Handle the Hard Work

Every property owner knows preparing your lawn in the spring and cleaning up in the fall is a BIG job! Whether you own a home or a business, preparing your outdoor space in the spring so it looks great all summer long, then cleaning up your yard in the fall for winter’s dormant season takes a lot of work—hours, even days of tough labor.

Do you dread spring and fall yard cleanup? We can help!

Best Choice Landscape Offers Spring and Fall Cleanup Services.

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Spring and Fall Yard Cleanup for a Healthy, Beautiful Property

Though it’s not a task most homeowners or commercial property owners enjoy, spring and fall yard cleanup results in a healthy and beautiful lawn and well-maintained property—all year long. Leave the outdoor labor to our team, so you can rest assured your lawn and greenery is in great hands.

Best Choice Landscape offers spring & fall cleanup services to all homeowners and commercial property owners in the Milwaukee and surrounding area. We’re staffed with professionally-trained individuals who work hard to ensure your outdoor spaces look great, spring, summer, fall and winter.

After winter, lawns are cluttered with piled up fallen leaves all over the ground, preventing air and nutrients to pass through the soil and nurture plants. Tree branches and other foliage need to be picked up. Besides creating a messy appearance, these items need to be removed for your lawn to grow and to allow for mowing.

The beginning of spring and end of fall are times when major yard cleanups are necessary. The process is often time consuming for property owners and involves physical labor. Let us tackle the tough job for you!

Spring Yardwork Cleanup Checklist

After the final snow melts around March, it’s time to prep your lawn for the summer growing months. Depending on the size of your property, this process can be a huge, time consuming job. Our professionals can finish in less time because they have the training and tools to make the job run smoothly.

Spring Yardwork Cleanup Checklist:

  • Remove litter
  • Rake thatch buildup and leaves
  • Remove weeds
  • Trim and discard dead leaves and stalks on perennials

Fall Yardwork Cleanup Checklist

When the leaves start falling in late September or early October, it’s time to prepare your lawn for the dormant winter months. Our fall yardwork cleanup process will protect your plants and prepare your yard and outdoor space for icy weather and snow.

Fall Yardwork Cleanup Checklist:

  • Rake and remove leaves
  • Trim and discard dead leaves and stalks on perennials

Call a Professional Yardwork Crew

Finding spring and fall cleanup overwhelming? Don’t spend your weekends doing yardwork! Call Best Choice Landscape and we’ll send a crew to handle all of it for you.

You won’t need to worry about getting everything finished in your free time.

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Benefits of Lawn Maintenance

Some folks may wonder about the benefits of a maintained lawn and why they should spend the time prepping their lawn in the spring and fall.

Reasons to Regularly Maintain Your Lawn:

  • Offers more efficient upkeep overall—fewer weeds and easier mowing
  • Increases curbside appeal
  • Creates a professional appearance for commercial spaces
  • Discourages bugs and other pests who hide in tall grasses
  • Adds quality to neighborhood and value to your home or property
  • Provides an “outdoor living room” to welcome guests and enjoy with your family

Create a maintained and beautiful outdoor living space and you’ll find yourself spending more time outside with friends and family. Preparation and cleaning up your lawn in the spring will result in an outdoor space that’s free from bugs and pests, looks great all summer and lets you enjoy your yard and property. Major fall cleanup will save you hassle later on and keep your lawn healthy and protected through the dormant months.

Delegate This Unwanted Chore

Delegate this unwanted chore to the team at Best Choice Landscape and spend more time enjoying your lawn. Our professional and trusted residential and commercial yardwork maintenance team will help your lawn look beautiful and get ready for you to enjoy.

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