Industrial & Corporate Parks

Most people don’t associate industrial parks with beautiful landscaping. But that doesn’t mean your industrial park can’t look polished and cheerful! Best Choice Landscape is an expert in functional and appealing designs where practical and aesthetic considerations are equally important.

A properly designed and maintained outdoor area makes your industrial or corporate park more appealing to prospective tenants and their customers, raising the value of your property. Landscaping can also make your property safer and more functional.

Industrial and corporate parks are usually comprised of several long, single-story buildings, large parking lots, and warehouses. Shade and irrigation are difficult to come by, so it is important to use drought-tolerant trees and shrubs in the landscaping. We know which species suit your industrial park best, and can help choose, plant, and maintain them.

Drainage is an often invisible, but crucial part of industrial park landscaping. Sloping ground might cause water to pool around the lower areas, and without sufficient drainage, this may cause flooding. With the strategic use of drainage features such as grading or French drains,, you can prevent the sudden Milwaukee rainfall from causing damage to your property.

For all your design, construction, and maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us

Landscape design

Our award-winning design team will work with you on designing a landscape that will fit the characteristics of the land and enhance the property visually. We will take into account the look you’re going for, and the amount of maintenance you expect to do. 

Landscape construction

Our experienced construction team will build anything you need for your surroundings. Drainage features, beds, walkways, retaining walls… we construct everything with durable materials and excellent quality.


From tree and shrub trimming to snow removal, our maintenance packages cover every service your industrial or corporate park needs to look its absolute best, all the year round. Contact us for a quote!