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Commercial Snow Removal Services

Snow can cause a huge headache on your commercial property. Not only are snow-covered lots dangerous, over-salting damages vehicles, grass and plants! Trust the expert team at Best Choice Landscape to properly handle snow removal and ice control.

Best Choice Landscape Offers Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Control.

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Keep Lots Safe Without Over-Salting

Safety is our number one concern when removing snow and ice from your commercial property. That’s why we’re ready 24 hours a day to clear snow and melt ice. Removing snow quickly and carefully ensures your team can get to work, properties are maintained, and lots and walkways are safe for travel.

Our fleet of trucks is large, so we are equipped to handle commercial and industrial properties of all sizes. Our winter crews help you keep your customers and employees as safe as possible when the winter weather hits. Our team is there for you, when you need us!

Save Money with Our Salting Technique  

With a proper salting technique, we save our customers’ plants, grass—and money. That’s right, our salting technique actually saves customers money!

4 Common Snow Removal Myths:

Here, we debunk a few snow removal myths to highlight the importance of proper snow removal and ice control on your commercial property.

#1 You Can Only Plow When Parking Lots are Empty

While it’s nice to plow only when a lot is empty, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. If you get a major snowfall during the day and the temperature is expected to drop late afternoon, then it’s better to get a snowplow through while the snow is falling to reduce the chances the snow will become hard-packed or even ice—so we carefully work around parked cars when needed.

#2 You Can Use Hot Water to Clear Sidewalks/Entryways  

People may think dumping hot water on a sidewalks or entryways is a quick and inexpensive way to get rid of snow. This is actually a dangerous technique, especially in freezing temperatures. The moment hot water hits the ground, it quickly freezes and becomes black ice. The safest way is to remove snow first by snowplow, then salt the layer of ice for rapid melt.

#3 Any Type of Salt Works for Melting Ice on Sidewalks

There is a proper combination of chemicalized salt best for ice control. We use a special mix of calcium chloride salt that offers a rapid melt with less damage. Because there’s no need to over-salt, grass and plants are protected. (Plus, over-salting can even damage floors in your building entryway when tracked into your property!)

#4 You Don’t Need Snow Removal if the Temperature is Rising

Unfortunately, even if the temperature is expected to rise later in the day, snow and ice removal presents an urgent issue. The rule of thumb is 24-hours-or-less to remove snow. If snow isn’t thoroughly cleared, the run-off from melting snow will freeze as dangerous ice if temperatures drop overnight. Don’t put off snow removal because it may (or may not) warm up and melt. Clear your property each time it snows.

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If snow is falling and you need commercial snow removal as soon as possible, please call us and our staff will work with you on your needs.

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