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Bubbling Water Feature

Create the perfect water feature for your home or business with the help of our expert team. We’re the water feature pros you need to help you create your ideal design!

Best Choice Landscape Offers Custom Water Features.

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Water Features Add the Right Touch

Best Choice Landscape can help you create a custom water feature with our expert guidance.  We offer a variety of styles including: ponds, streams, waterfalls, bubbling rocks, water fountains, and more. Turn your backyard into the space of your dreams with a new, soothing water feature.

The perfect water feature adds just the right personal or professional touch to your home or business. Water features boost the value of your home by adding curb appeal.

Water Feature Ideas

Water features aren’t limited to ponds or waterfalls. While those are two great choices, we want to share some other water feature ideas that might work for you.

Ponds make a beautiful and versatile water feature for your property. Ponds add depth and design to your lawn.

Waterfalls add a peaceful element to your home or business. Imagine listening to a gentle bubbling waterfall on a busy day.

Shallow Falls
Shallow falls are perfect if you’re looking for a smaller water feature with less maintenance. The shallow falls create a peaceful trickle of water.

Stream Feature
A stream feature will add tranquility to your home! You don’t need a rushing river; a simple stream will add a lovely touch to your lawn.

Statue Feature
Highlight a beautiful statue or sculpture by creating a statue water feature.

Decorative Water Feature
This can be as unique as you like! A decorative water feature can be anything that fits your style and needs.

Spraying Water Feature
Similar to a waterfall feature, a spraying water feature will shoot water up in a beautiful decorative stone layout.

Bubbling Rocks
These pieces become a piece of art in your yard. Peacefully babbling water pours over unique rock creations of your choice.

Bridges can be added to your stream water feature. A peaceful bridge adds a simple yet beautiful touch to your water feature, drawing the eye to this tranquil space.

Our Water Feature Design Process

Our design process is simple, thorough—and we always put the client first. Our clients appreciate our open communication and budget-conscious designs.

Step 1 – Initial Phone Call
When you call us, a member of our friendly staff starts with asking a few simple questions.

  • What type of water feature are you considering?
  • Do you have an idea of the design?
  • What type of property do you have?

Step 2 – Initial Consultation
If your water feature project sounds like the right fit, we schedule a initial consultation and measurement. A member of our design team comes to you to discuss what you’re looking for in a water feature and offer suggestions. 

Step 3 – Present Design & Estimate
Your project designer creates your water feature design and shares this with along with an accurate estimate. During this step, we can make any necessary tweaks to the design, project timelines and any other concerns. 

Step 4 – Create the Water Feature
Once everything is approved, we get started! Our team handles each step of building your perfect new outdoor water feature.

What to Consider in Your Outdoor Water Feature

Are you thinking about a water feature, but aren’t sure what you need to consider? We share some tips and ideas that you should think about!

Appropriate Yard Space
Where do you want your water feature to be on your property? If you’re not sure or wonder if your yard is big enough, please give us a call at 414-897-7922. If you’d like a water feature, we can help you find the best space to put it.

Attracting Wildlife
Your water feature will certainly attract wildlife! Especially if you choose a stream or pond, your water feature will attract frogs, birds, deer, and possibly more! Most water feature owners really enjoy that it brings wildlife to their property, but it is something to consider.

Maintenance Considerations
Depending on which water feature you’d like, you’ll need to consider maintenance needs. If you’d like a water feature but are worried about maintenance, we can help you choose a low maintenance water feature you can enjoy without hassle.

Contact us today to start your design process and let’s create your dream water feature.

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