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Our experienced team of lawn care professionals can handle your lawn—any size, any shape! Best Choice Landscape can even tackle your steep property, open fields, or those tough to get tight squeezes. Let us handle the stress of maintaining your lawn. All you need to do is enjoy your lawn—hassle-free.

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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Without Lifting a Finger

Who doesn’t love a nice, green, and healthy yard to play in all summer? Imagine hosting backyard parties and even letting the kids run around barefoot in the grass because you know your lawn is well maintained.

Need Hassle-Free Commercial Lawn Care? We’ve got you covered.

Let our team handle the stress of keeping up the yard on your commercial property. We can handle mowing, fertilization, and even mosquito control. Contract with Best Choice lawn mowing and consider your lawn maintenance handled—year-round.

Lawn mowing and lawn treatments are some of our most popular services. From the traditional city lot to a multi-acre commercial property, we can do it all! With several state-of-the-art mowers, we’re equipped for steep hills, open fields and small spaces too. We take pride in our lawn upkeep, giving you professional-looking, beautiful, vibrant grass.

Lawn care is important, especially if you want to maintain the curb appeal and grass health of your residential or commercial property. The process involves not only cutting and edging the grass but also removing debris, brush, leaves and making sure that the area is clean and neat.

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Lawn Mowing Guidelines

Mowing your lawn regularly and properly contributes to the overall health of your lawn! Having the greenest, lushest lawn on the block or in the office park takes work! Review these guidelines to help keep your grass healthy.

Don’t feel like dealing with regular lawn maintenance? Call us once and it’s handled year-round.

1) Mow regularly

During the warmer months, lawns need mowing approximately once a week to maintain proper height. If you mow every two weeks, grass may grow too long, harboring pests and lawn disease. Mowing more than once a week may damage the grass by cutting it too short.

2) Mow the correct length

The general rule of thumb is to keep grass between two to three inches high. It may seem like a bright idea to cut the lawn really short to increase the wait between trims, but this can cause issues with the lawn’s health.

3) Keep blades sharp

Ensure lawnmower blades are nice and sharp. A dull lawnmower will take longer to cut the grass and may cut the grass unevenly. Blades require special training and equipment to sharpen properly.

4) Leave small amount of clippings

Leaving some clippings behind after a mow can be healthy for the lawn. The trimmings will decompose and help the lawn grow healthy. Don’t worry, a few clippings won’t create thatch—and we completely clean up any extra lawn debris at the end of each visit to your property.

Trust the Best in Professional Lawn Care

Best Choice Landscape is one of the most trusted landscapers in the Milwaukee area. Our team has experience mowing every type of property. We’ve seen it all!

We would love the opportunity to make your grass greener, fuller and more beautiful. Call us for a consultation.

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